Visions & Values

Beaudesert’s Vision


We believe in providing the strong foundation for life-long learning to which every child is entitled. At Beaudesert, we focus on the development of the whole person in the widest possible sense. Children flourish because of the kind, caring and motivational environment that we have created. They also flourish because of our emphasis on equality, healthy living and well-being. It is a pleasure to observe the embedded aspects of our growth mind-set values that children engage with in their day to day learning and with each other.

We encourage children to persevere and to build their resilience as well as their learning power to develop into strong independent enquirers who are happy to explore and not afraid to stretch themselves.

We know the importance of demonstrating to pupils and staff that we value and respect each other and we seek to provide enriching experiences, inspirational leadership and empowerment for all no matter where their start point.  We believe that promoting equal opportunities and team building at all levels will help to ensure high levels of engagement, autonomy and confidence and these will form the bedrock of a passion for learning and teaching, that will continue to define our school.

Our constant aim is to identify and maximise the potential in all children and to remove any barriers that impede their academic, social or emotional growth. All aspects of our practice and ethos lead to young people developing confidence, self- belief and high levels of motivation. Our curriculum builds the curiosity and interest of everyone. Children and adults develop the passion that grasps their thirst for learning making this wider and deeper. It is important to us that young people increase their engagement in how they learn whilst fostering a deeply held belief that they can improve. 

Our Values

We focus on specific values throughout the academic year, with a new value being introduced in our whole school assembly every fortnight. The values will be linked to our circle times and are demonstrated and encouraged throughout our school.

“Believe – Learn – Succeed”