School Policies

We have a large number of policies currently in use. They are reviewed and updated by the governing body (either directly or by delegation to a sub-committee or to the Headteacher) on a rolling program each year.
The key policies are listed below. If you wish to have a copy of our other policies please contact the school office.
On request, any school documents can be produced in larger font if required.

Acceptable Use Policy January 2023.docx


Anti Violence and Aggression Policy 2022

Attendance Policy 2023- 2026

Behaviour-Policy-July 202

Calculation Policy 2021Charging and Remissions Policy 2020

Complaints Policy

Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers 2021

Relationships Education Policy 2023.docx

SEND Policy 2022

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2022/23

School Uniform Policy 2022-2024