Curriculum Progression and Intent

Our curriculum is driven to prepare our children for life long learning. At Beaudesert, we offer a aspirational and vibrant curriculum for all learners.  We develop essential knowledge skills and understanding to ensure children have the skillset for later life. We encourage the development of new skills and experiences to broaden the children resilience, determination and integrity.

All curriculum areas are designed around the requirements of the national curriculum and provide a challenging and balanced education.  


The children have a sense of wonder and curiosity about places and features of the world.  The range and depth of the geographical knowledge and understanding of each child will increase.  The children will ask questions, and develop geographical skills to find answers to these using a range of sources.  The children will develop their geographical vocabulary and communicate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways.


The children have a passion and curiosity about the past.  The range and depth of historical knowledge of each child will increase, they will grow their chronological understanding.  The children will ask questions about the past and will find answers to these from a range of sources.  They will increasingly evaluate the reliability of historical courses and will communicate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways.

Physical Education

At Beaudesert we aim to provide high quality physical education curriculum that develops physically literate children and inspires all pupils to succeed, enjoy and take part in sport and physical activity for life. We recognise the importance of physically active and the benefits this has in supporting children’s learning and developing in all areas of the curriculum, as well as enhancing wellbeing. Physical activity is embedded within our curriculum to have a positive effect on behaviour, concentration, self-esteem and the ability to form relationships.

We are committed to developing a positive growth mindset towards physical activity as well as promoting the core values of perseverance, determination, respect and tolerance. Our vision is that children’s experience of physical activity will be positive, motivating and have a lasting impact.

PE Progression overview

PE Progression of Key Skills


Music teaching at Beaudesert aims to follow the specification of the National Curriculum: providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and ensuring the progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge and skills.  We believe that music plays and integral role in helping children to feel part of a community, therefore, providing opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music both in class and to an audience.  Through assemblies and key stage performances, children showcase their talent and understanding of performing with awareness of others.  Lessons enable children to develop their skills, appreciate a wide variety of music and begin to appraise a range of musical genres.

Music Intent

Music curriculum map

Music Knowledge and Skills – Year R

Music Knowledge and Skills – Year 1

Music Knowledge and Skills – Year 2

Music Knowledge and Skills – Year 3

Music Knowledge and Skills – Year 4

Modern Foreign Languages

Our aim is for all pupil’s to be immersed in high quality language lessons that focus on communication and foster’s pupil’s curiosity and understanding of the world.

We aim to build strong foundations for learning a second language that will offer pupils the opportunity to explore relationships between language, identity and all other cultures in the world. As part of this study, the focus will be upon providing opportunities for pupils to communicate for practical purposes through song, rhyme, stories or poems, whilst learning new ways of thinking about the wilder world and their place within it.

MFL Progression Document

MFL Long Term Plans