Use of Sports Premium

Since 2013-14, the government has provided schools with a special sports premium grant, based upon the number of children in the school.

As a school, we believe that it is essential to provide children with a rich and fulfilling curriculum to enhance their opportunities in sport and team building exercises. We do this by:

Impact – recent academic years

To show how we have used this funding in recent academic years, and the impact it has had on the school and its pupils, we have produced reports which can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Action Plan for PE Funding 2023 – 2024

Impact Review Report of PE Funding 2022-2023

Action Plan for PE Funding 2022-2023

Action and Impact report for PE Funding 2021-2022

Action plan and Impact Report for PE Funding 2020-2021

Action Plan for PE Funding 2020-2021