School Information

This section covers a lot of information about the school, some of which we have a statutory obligation to publish. So here we publish our school prospectus for the information of parents considering sending a child here, and for the sake of parents of children already here we show how we spend money provided by the government specifically to support those whose circumstances might put them at a disadvantage compared to other children (the “Pupil Premium”) and to encourage all children to adopt healthier lifestyles(the “Sports Premium”).

Whether you’re considering sending a child here or already have one in the school, you’ll want to know how well the school is equipping its pupils to perform academically, so we give details of our latest results in SATs, and also publish our most recent Ofsted report, along with details of what we’re doing about it!

Emergency School Closures

Should the school have to close because of extreme weather, or if some other unforeseen incident occurs, this is just a reminder about the arrangements to advise parents of the emergency closure. The school will text all parents with a message should the school need to be closed for all or part of a day – please make sure that the school office has your up-to-date mobile number, particularly if you have changed it recently. Also a message will be placed on this school website, it will be announced on Three Counties radio, a message will be placed on the school’s answering machine (option 4 from the menu) and a notice will be placed outside the school building.

You can also access information on all school closures at the Central Bedfordshire Council’s site, and you can register on their site for email messages if you would prefer (select “register for updates” from the menu on the left of the screen).