Equal Opportunities

The fact that we focus on removing barriers for all learners helps us to develop equal opportunities as a key thread in all that we do.

As a basis, we encourage every person to be tolerant, caring, kind, and helpful whilst being polite and respectful to all.


We aim to challenge stereotypical understanding of what it means to be male and female across our entire school and its community. In order to enable this, we will seek regular training and support for staff, providing opportunities for them to reflect on their day-to day actions so that they may avoid the many ways in which gender inequality may be reinforced in our educational spaces around school. Such continuous evaluation is essential to us for providing an environment that promotes gender equality.


Our aim is to educate children to ensure that they see a rich diversity of colour and culture as a positive aspect of society. We also aim to provide knowledge of why racism cannot be tolerated whilst ensuring they have opportunities for insight into to the variety of cultures and races within and beyond the UK.


We always strive for every individual to gain a variety of educational, physical and sensory experiences. This is the case irrespective of any disability that a child who is a member of our school may have. We make necessary adaptations to our environment and /or teaching approaches in order to ensure equality of provision and inclusivity.

Sexual orientation

We aim to ensure that no child or adult is discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. We educate children to accept that it is wrong to use homophobic language abusively towards others. We seek to provide an environment where children may feel comfortable to discuss matters that relate to their sexuality.


Building both formal information and cultural perspectives on religion and religious practices is a key aim. Religious teaching and learning will be structured so that positive, practical as well as calendar linked religious events may be highlighted, discussed and celebrated. Any child, staff member or parent’s religious needs or considerations will be respected as part of our everyday practice.


We strive to provide creative as well as academic opportunities and imaginative stimuli, so that ability labels are not used as a tool to deny access to rich learning opportunities for some children. No ceiling is placed on achievement.

Whilst maintaining an emotionally secure environment, children are provided with the opportunities to seek challenge and embrace risk taking, no matter where their start point. Children of every ability level have access to all levels of learning and support. This ranges from entry support to greater depth and beyond.

Finally, to complement and widen learning opportunities we welcome members of the wider community to enhance our provision and work with us to expand the children’s cultural, sporting or musical awareness.