Vision & Values

At Beaudesert Lower School we aim to provide a strong foundation for life-long learning. Alongside this, we emphasise the development of the whole child and the whole person in the widest possible sense; in an environment where we practise a zero tolerance to bullying.
A key thread in all that we do is to promote equal opportunities.
We encourage everyone to be caring, kind, helpful and to be a good friend to others, whilst being polite and respectful.
We will strive to provide creative as well as academic opportunities and imaginative stimuli, so that no ceiling is placed on achievement.
Through creating a happy, positive, and fun atmosphere where everyone feels safe and valued, children are provided with the opportunities to seek challenge and embrace risk taking.
We encourage children to persevere with resilience and natural curiosity to develop into strong independent learners, happy to explore in breadth and depth, to engage in healthy competition and take ownership of their learning.
To complement and widen the learning opportunities we provide for all, we welcome members of the wider community to enhance our provision and work with us to expand the children’s cultural awareness.
To this end, we seek to demonstrate that pupils and staff are valued by providing enriching experiences, inspirational leadership and empowerment for all.
We believe that promoting team building at all levels will help to ensure high levels of effective communication, flexibility and passion for learning and teaching, which will continue to define our school.