Remote Learning Offer

The curriculum that we have devised for the children is rich and varied, designed to inspire and to challenge children’s thinking as well as to provide the practical input that will lead to embedded learning.

We used this same approach when designing our online offer during lockdown. Teachers were able to reach their pupils on a daily basis as whole classes as well as on a one to one level.

Our key tool for engagement is Google Classroom; a platform that enables us to deliver lessons to children at home as well as interact with them. This was a particularly good platform to use once children began to return to school; teachers were able to teach phonics lessons simultaneously to Y1 children in school and those at home. 

Teachers, TAs and our Nurture teacher also delivered one to one support to children and families that were struggling academically or emotionally. This made a huge difference to children’s wellbeing and their progress.

Teachers also make use of Jamboards an interactive engagement tool to check children’s understanding whilst supporting their live working out.

Children each have their own logins, emails and easy access to our individual class portals as well as our resource filled website. Access to key websites in line with our curriculum content have been made available to families, e.g. Phonics Play, TT Rockstars etc. 

A address created a bespoke place for the sharing and acknowledgment of all input from children and parents.

Many children also benefited from the ipads loaned to families in need of these. 

Physical packs of prepared resources for each year group are available and delivered to any families required to isolate for a length of time. 


Whole School Activities during Lockdown

Calling all scientists! Please click on the button below to explore and investigate plants.

Please click on the button below to access the STEM activities for the week ahead.


Please find below suggested timetables and accompanying resources that you could use at home to support your child’s learning. Please note the resources and timetable are just a guide and do not need to be used in full.


We have compiled a range of well-being activities into one document, available to download by clicking on the link below.

Online Resources

We have gathered together some of our favourite educational websites, along with log-on details where required.